Monday, December 25, 2006

White Cap Restaurant

The White Cap Restaurant at the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor was one of my favorites. It had gumbo that only Mary Mahony's Restaurant in Biloxi could beat. It was reduced to slab after Hurricane Katrina.


Sailor said...

Do you still have tears well up in your eyes with sights like this? I find myself suddenly sad so often, feeling lost and hopeless. I mourn so for the Coast I loved and we have lost. Thanks for you kinds remarks re; my blog.

seawitch said...


Every once in awhile it still gets to me. Last year was bad. When 90 first re-opened, I had tears in my eyes from DeBuys to Courthouse Rd. I had wanted to drive all the way to 49 but couldn't. Now, I speed along 90 and didn't use to before Katrina.