Friday, December 08, 2006

I Am But a Grasshopper

I don't know if that line was ever said in the Kung Fu series but it seems apt. For I am still learning about photography and how to use my Nkion D50. One of my goals is to be able to take pcitures of the moon such as this one by Rick Lee.

I am improving. This is one I took back in March or April after I bought the Nikon:

This one I took a couple of nights ago:

Shabbat Shalom, y'all!


Rick Lee said...

My photo was taken at dusk... not night-time. At night the sky is black and lacking in interest. Shooting photos of the moon is very tricky. Every amateur photographer tries it right off the bat because the moon is so dramatic looking in the night sky. But what you have to realize is that on the moon, it's daytime. That's a huuuuge gigantic contrast ratio between the surface of the moon and everything else around you. What you're likely to end up with is blackness with a pure white (small) blob for a moon. Try to shoot when there is still some blue color in the sky. Use a long telephoto (200mm or more) if you want to see the detail of the surface of the moon. That will require a very sturdy support for the camera.

seawitch said...

Thanks rick. I don't have a lens that goes beyond 200 yet. And your correct, one of my first tries with the camera was to take a shot of the moon. In the picture I took a couple of nights ago, I was trying to capture how the clouds had a reddish tinge. The picture didn't come out as I hoped but to me it was better than my first try, the bright blob surrounded by black.

I go to your site every day and get inspiration on framing shots and composition.

Plus the fact that they are so beautiful.