Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thank You!

I started my hobby pf photography in March 2005. I started with an HP Photosmart. The joy I took in it was tempered after Hurricane Katrina struck my hometown of Gulfport. I took many, many images of the destruction, recovery, and the ongoing rebuilding. I outgrew my Photosmart and bought a Nikon D50 in April 2006. The joy of photography came back when I was able to take those shots of pelicans, herons, egrets, least terns, seagulls and other birds in flight. I'm still learning. I was overjoyed to have my photoblog nominated and then accepted as a finalist in the The 2006 Weblog Awards in the Best Photo Blog category.

I was able to see the wonderful photos by such bloggers as:

Travis Ruse
Joe's NYC
Daily Dose of Imagery
A Walk Through Durham Township
Cute Overload
Daily Puppy
Little People

Thanks to all who voted for me and I feel honored to have made 6th place. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who put together the Weblogs Awards every year.

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