Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Spy

I spied this beautiful orange cat amidst some scrap metal. The cat was shy around me and no amount of coaxing would make it come out. Every time I tried to get closer, it would move away. Taken in D'Iberville Mississippi.


Beth said...

Lucky you, getting that shot! I can *never* get a good picture of my cats. I can't even get a good picture of my daughter, now that I think of it! ;-)

seawitch said...


My cats always want to be petted when I try to take a picture of them. Same with my Lab. My parrot won't sit still. My son hasn't allowed me to take a picture of him for about 7 years now.

So yes, I was lucky to get a shot of this feral cat. Keep an eye out!! Love on the beach in the next few days, er, probably tomorrow!