Monday, June 23, 2008


There's a stark beauty in the lines on the face of a person who has seen seven decades,

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bayou Babes

All of these were taken the James Hill Bayou Walk in Gulfport. There are piers and walkways that allow you to meander through a portion of Bayou Bernard.

A nutria was showing her two babies proper etiquette while eating:

This sharp-tailed sparrow seemed like it was trying to distract me from a nest that may have been close by. There are only two types of sparrows that make marshy areas their home: The sharp-tailed sparrow and the seaside sparrow.

I took this shot of a very young heron from one of the piers. This section of the pier is about 7 feet above the bayou.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


For the past few months, the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor is being rebuilt. Hurricane Katrina damaged everything from the concrete walkways to boat slips. The old slips have been torn down. The concrete walkways have been replaced. New electrical conduits are going in and as seen from this photo, the electrical stations are being built higher.

From the stage of the work I've seen, I'm hopeful that by the end of this year, the Small Craft Harbor will once again have pretty boats for me to photograph.

Biloxi is rebuilding the small craft harbor but hasn't rebuilt any of the public piers. Gulfport has rebuilt all the its public piers and is just starting on the dredging work for its small craft harbor.