Sunday, April 29, 2007

In the Abstract

Friday, I purchased Photo Shop Elements 5. I've been playing with it since Shabbat ended Saturday evening. I took the original of this photo and first converted it to black & white. Then I smoothed it. The fun part was adding the sponge paint feature. I've attempted to do similiar things with only HP Image Director and Photo Studio 5. Let me know what you think.


Sara with NO H said...

For the life of me, I have yet to figure out how to use photoshop. Lovely images.

seawitch said...

Thanks! With Photoshop(and similiar programs), I just dive in and start experimenting with the different features.

It can be almost as fun as taking the photos. The best thing about Photoshop so far is that I can take raw images instead of only jpeg. I'm amazed at the detail you get with raw as opposed to jpeg. I've had my Nikon D50 for a year and today was the first time I used the raw format to save them.

Congratulations on doing so well in the JIB Awards!

Sara with NO H said...

Thanks...I actually had no idea I was even nominated until 2 days

With my camera I just point and shoot 100 shots until I get what I envisioned. I love taking pictures and I can sit and do it day in and day out. To be honest, in Photshop, it's all greek to me. It took me weeks to just figure out how to copyright my photos, and most of the time I seem to forget anyway.

I loved looking over your work and loved even more watching your videos.

seawitch said...


I loved the photos I saw at your site. I feel the same way about photography. Photoshop adds another dimension to it. With SLR cameras, some post shooting work needs to be done to bring out the vivid colors.

It is fun to play around with it and to transform some of the pictures.

I love my Nikon D50. It has a couple of shortcomings though. I cannot control the white balance and the metering options are slender. Hopefully next year I'll be able to move up.

The first digital camera I used was a HP Photosmart. BUt I felt limited because I couldn't use telephoto lenses. I take a lot of shoots of birds and a telephoto lens is almost essential.

I was a little disappointed with how the colors came out when I first started using the DSLR. Then I went to numerous photoblogs and learned that some post shooting work is needed.

I love taking the pictures. It gives vent to my creative side and Photoshop enhances it.

My son has caught the photo bug as well. But he prefers film. He also works as a photo specialist at a drugstore. He loves processing the film as much as taking photos. I bought him his first camera when he was 7 and I believe his talent is greater than mine.

Emanuel Ben-Zion said...

Your photos are getting better every day.

Although I'm not a Photoshop person, I have to say that it can open horizons.


seawitch said...


I'm glad that your posting again!