Wednesday, March 28, 2007


What do you do with Southern live oaks that died to the winds and waves of Hurricane Katrina? Most of the dead trees were bulldozed. But a group that used to stand in US 90's median in Biloxi have seen a regrowth. The trunks and branches were carved to reflect the wildlife that abounds along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Seagulls abound along the Mississippi Coast.

Deep-sea fishing is a favorite activity of locals and tourists. The most exciting fish to hook is the marlin. The other side is a dolphin.

Brown pelicans and great blue herons are also numerous along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They are my favorite birds to photograph. The brown pelican is ungainly on land but has quiet majesty when flying. Great blue herons are very wary.

I think whoever did the carvings did a fantastic job. It is nice to see regrowth. And the Southern live oaks that survived are making a wonderful comeback.

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