Wednesday, November 29, 2006


As I was organizing my photos of the small towns of D'Iberville and St. Martin, Mississippi, I came across some that I had taken in black and white. I'll be creating an online album of Hurricane Katrina's devastation of these two small towns.

Below, is behind a building that was having rebar put in place to put up higher and stronger walls.

Sunset St.

Both of these were taken in D'Iberville Mississippi. If I remember correctly, they were both taken in December 2005, 4 months after Hurricane Katrina hit. I keep putting Mississippi in because it's almost like many in the US, (or more accurately, the news media) don't even realize that Katrina hit Mississippi and caused catastrophic damage that will take years if not a decade or two to recover from. I think the last straw was last week when one of the news organizations said Bay St. Louis Louisiana instead of the correct name, Bay St. Louis Mississippi. Even Discovery Channel in it's documentary about Hurricane Katrina used footage from Mississippi and said it was from New Orleans. It's a losing battle but to all the volunteers out there who know what it's like, I can't say it enough, thank you for helping us in Mississippi.

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